All is fair in love and war, so they tell me..

>>I JUST HATE YOU NOW..Lauantai 30.06.2012 19:50

After a year and 6 months it's no longer me that you want..
But I loved you so much it hurts..
Never mistreated you once,
I poured my heart out to you..
Let down my guard swear to God..!


I would've done anything for you..
To show you how much I adored you..
But it's over now..
It's too late to save our love..


>>I WISHSunnuntai 10.06.2012 04:09

I wish I wasn't always wrong..
I wish it wasn't always my fault..
The finger that your pointing has knocked me on my knees..


I wish I wasn't always cold..
I wish it wasn't always alone...
When the party is over how will I get home..?


Cause no ones going to take your place..
And I'm scared I'll never save all the pieces of the love we made..

>>BROKENSunnuntai 10.06.2012 03:52

I think you should know that I'm broken..
I hope you're broken too,
'cause I believe that two broken pieces don't need no glue..


>>2 fucking yearsPerjantai 08.06.2012 22:17

elieli Green Dayn keikast on sit tänään kaks vuotta..
tuntuu ku se olis ollu just pari päivää sitten..

~ Billie Joe Armstrong ~

>>BORED LIFEMaanantai 21.05.2012 22:23

1. Mitä kuuluu?


2. Minkälainen sää on ulkona?


3. Mitä söit viimeksi?


4. Siviilisäätysi?


5. Mitä lävistyksiä sinulla on?


6. Lempiaineesi koulussa on/oli?


7. Mitä tunnet tällä hetkellä?


8. Mitä sinun tekisi nyt mieli?


9. Mitä teit ennen kuin tulit koneelle?


10. Mitä lemmikkejä sinulla/perheelläsi on?


>>BREAKSunnuntai 20.05.2012 16:25

Will happiness ever resume?
Or will the world just pass on by?
So tired of waiting for this all to disappear,
sanity can only wait for so long..

The stars are black again tonight..
Just another restless case,
of hope clearly out of sight,
of never leaving this dark place..


Wish I could leave it all,
It would be easier than waiting here to fall..
Just letting go might be the chance I have to take..

>>ECHOTiistai 08.05.2012 01:44

I would take a whisper
if that's all you have to give, but it isn't...
You could come and save me,
and try to chase it crazy right out of my head..

Sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I'm alright,
but it's never enough..
'Cause my echo, is the only voice coming back..
My shadow, is the only friend that I have..

I don't wanna be down..
I just wanna feel alive
and get to see your face again..

>>NOLAN ROSSMaanantai 07.05.2012 22:50


>>REVENGEMaanantai 07.05.2012 22:47

~Gabriel Mann AKA Nolan Ross~


>>YOU FILL MY HEARTTorstai 03.05.2012 01:16

When I saw your face It was like a space..
In my heart was filled..
It's like I knew from the very start..
That you were every other part of me..