All is fair in love and war, so they tell me..

>>HOLD MEKeskiviikko 21.09.2011 02:39

I don't know where; confused about how as well..
Just know that these things will never change for us at all..

>>WHY WOULD I?Keskiviikko 21.09.2011 02:36

Why would I sabotage the best thing that I have?

>>WITH YOUKeskiviikko 21.09.2011 02:23

I'll wait here forever just to, to see you smile,
'cause it's true, I am nothing without you...

>>I'M LOSTLauantai 17.09.2011 19:25

Are you afraid of being alone?
Cause I am..
I'm lost without you..

Give me your lips and with one kiss we begin..
I'll keep my eyes patiently focused on you..

>>SO JUST YOU KNOWLauantai 17.09.2011 19:13

Don't waste your time on me,
you're already the voice inside my head..

>>I MISS YOU SO, COME BACKLauantai 17.09.2011 19:09

Where are you?
And I'm so sorry..
I cannot sleep..
I cannot dream tonight.
I need somebody and always..

Will you come home,
and stop this pain tonight?

I miss you..

>>I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMOREPerjantai 16.09.2011 18:56

It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife..
and it's true I hurt too, remember I loved you!

I used to be love struck; now I'm just fucked up.
Pull up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts!

>>ANGELSPerjantai 16.09.2011 18:46

We will fight, or we will fall,
till the angels save us all..

>>HOW?Perjantai 16.09.2011 18:40

How did it come to this, how did I know it was you?

>>YOU LEFT MESunnuntai 11.09.2011 18:48

You left me in the cold, freezing to the bone when I needed you the most...
You left me all alone but nothing's done changed..