This is not a beak, my lovely child. It is a claw! For I am the finger!

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[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 08.03.2011 16:00

Alkoi tehdä mieli pelata Ducktalesia taas.

"But the real deal here, if you can even tell what the fuck it is, is that ice cream cone. An ice cream cone will refill one of Scrooge's hit points, and a cake will refill your entire health meter. That's right, Scrooge is a sugar junky. Sure old people are at a greater risk for diabetes, but that won't stop Scrooge from eating like 20 cakes in one level.

See all those suits of armor? If you whack them with your cane, the helmet will turns into a treasure chest containing cake or other assorted goodies. Who the fuck eats cake they find in a suit of armor? Maybe, deep down, being wealthy is very unfulfilling and he just wants to die."

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