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No mercyLauantai 06.09.2008 15:57

Englannin tehtävä, jonka OLETETTIIN olevan jalkapallosta, mutta ei kukaan käskenyt niin siitä tuli fanfictionia. Esitin sitten vielä luokan edessä ja esitin molempia hahmoja.

s. 52 teht. 5Hc

" Write a different dialogue that begins with "Could I have a word?" If you want an added challenge, try to end the dialogue with "You've just seen the last of me." "

Mr. Brown: Could I have a word, Captain?

Captain: Sure, Mr..?

Mr. Brown: See, you don't even remeber my name, do you? It's Edmund Brown!

Captain: So.. Mr. Brown, what is it?

Mr. Brown: I'm sorry to doubt your orders, Captain, but I'm sick and tired of washing days after days the same deck and fixing the sails. If I don't do anything else, I'm gonna get crazy here!

Captain: What do you think you're capable to do then, eh?

Mr. Brown: Anthing else! Anything else, Captain!

Captain: The only free place is under the deck. Cage or job, choose which one you want.

Mr. Brown: That's unfair! I'm outta here!

Captain: And how you think you'll do that? You're not going by swiming, are you? As long my name is Captain Jack Sparrow, you have no mercy.

Mr. Brown: Could you bet for it, Cap'n? You've just seen the last of me *SPLASH*

Captain: I bet I have. Dummie.. Now, where did I put that bottle of rum again..?
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